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Vehicle wraps are a unique blend of “graphic” awesomeness and installation know-how. Printing a good, high-quality wrap is one thing- but installing that wrap to perfection is something completely different. Lucky for you, we do both, and we do it well. We’ve been challenged and our abilities stretched, but we’ve come out triumphant and with more experience in this growing field of graphic display.

Over the years, we’ve done some pretty out-of-the-box vehicle wrap projects. Tiny smart cars might seem like a simple wrap, but add tons of curves, a detailed pattern, and a small surface area, and you’ve got a challenge.

In contrast, a large-scale trailer like this NFL one can also pose difficulty in installation. We work on getting out all lines, wrinkles, or bubbles for maximum wear and the best finish.

Golf carts are another small wrap that can be extremely challenging, but the graphic adds a lot to the look and feel of the cart.

Food trucks are a super popular item these days, so the challenge is to create something that sets the truck apart from the rest and captures the attention of passers-by. Do you want bold color and graphics that pop? Ferrari Color knows what to do.

A vintage car is something sacred to many people, and disrupting the exterior can be a risky business. This Utah Jazz themed car turned out so well it looks like it was made to fit the wrap rather than the other way around.

Our installation team takes the time and effort to make sure every piece of the wrap is cut and applied with utmost care. No peeling edges or rippling vinyl allowed. We’ve done motorcycles, merchandise vehicles, everyday vehicles, and huge trucks. We love the diversity in size and shape of vehicles, and with permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary options available, there’s no limit to what we can do. Interested in vehicle wraps? Email us today.


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