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Window Graphics: Know What’s Best For Your Business

Window graphics for your business can seem like a no-brainer, but getting the right kinds of graphics can make a huge impact. The team at Ferrari Color knows window graphics, and we also know there are some definite “do’s and don’ts” when it comes to window graphics.


First, consider your windows. What type of attention do you want to draw? Do you need something that allows customers to see inside, or do you want more privacy? Do you get a lot of direct sunlight and heat on your windows? We have numerous materials to suit your needs, and we pay close attention to manufacturer recommendations. Whether you think a perforated vinyl is best, a more transparent PolyClear adhesive material, or you’re not sure, we’ve got what you need.


Next, think about how long you want your graphic to stay. A weekend sale needs something that can be easily installed, like a static cling, and then removed without leaving any residue. A window graphic with a permanent adhesive is best for a long-term area that could include your store name and logo. We have a professional installation team that can put up graphics using wet or dry methods, and ensure the graphic stays put and looks great for the duration.


Once you’ve decided what material is best for you, think about design. Colors, text size and shape, and content are all variables to consider. Think about how your customers will view your graphics. If they’re on foot, you’ll probably want something that can be read easily and quickly, and colors that catch attention. If your store is near a street where cars pass by, you’ll want to make sure your text size is big enough for quick reading by drivers. If you need specific colors or logos to be consistent with your brand, we have the technology to make sure everything is just right.


Getting the right window graphics is a cinch with Ferrari Color. Our team has the know-how and the experience to make your windows look amazing.


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