Vino Volo Flying with Class

Bringing a high-class wine shopping experience to the fast-paced world of air travel.

The Project & the Client

Recently, Ferrari Color completed a graphics project for Vino Volo, a wine bar and cafe company with 33 locations in cities and airports throughout North America. The graphics recently produced were placed in the Sacramento International Airport’s Vino Volo Cafe. This shop offers great local wines with specialty offerings from around the world. Small plate service for lunch and dinner add to the experience.

How We Made It

This rustic tree branch print was produced on a direct-to-substrate (DTS) printer on a ¼ inch thick acrylic. Spot white ink was added for emphasis and brushed aluminum pucks were used for mounting.

Whatever your graphics needs, Ferrari Color can help find a solution. Our talented and creative team, combined with innovative technology will bring eye-catching graphics to your business. Learn more about our efficient, cost-effective printing process and get an estimate on your project.

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