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When a business relocates or acquires a new facility, they sometimes need a little help giving that building a new look. Wag Hotels approached us needing to change the appearance of one of their buildings. We knew great new graphics would completely transform the building, and we set to work.

The exterior of the building had windows that needed to be covered, and the existing wall was uneven- but they also wanted a look that was going to be clean and cohesive. We built out a wall that would allow us to install large-scale graphics for the entire length of the building and achieve a smooth and professional look.

For the interior, Wag Hotels wanted some signage in different areas of the building. Ferrari Color produced a few SEG frame pieces as well as some vinyl wall murals.

The appearance of your business says a lot about who you are and what you do. Updated graphics gave Wag Hotels a whole new look, and now you can find happy pups adorning their walls inside and out.

Does your business need a facelift? Let Ferrari Color help. Email an account manager today to discover your options.


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