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Many of the businesses we frequent are places that can have “run-of-the-mill” decor and graphics. It can sometimes be challenging to maintain a professional environment while still being interesting and innovative. We worked with Tri Counties Bank to create graphics and decor that are a great addition to their different branches.

This logo is eye-catching and sleek, made from brushed aluminum mounted on a Sintra base.

Frosted window graphics are subtle, but provide interest and in some cases a bit more privacy,  depending on the design.

A wall mural is an excellent way to get your message across in a large scale format. There’s no limit to color and content, and you can play with your logo, mission statement, or a gorgeous photo backdrop.

Your decor can say something and be aesthetically pleasing too! This map of California is maple veneer printed to look like reclaimed wood and has white ink printed on top to outline the counties throughout the state.  

Clever placement is always in style. This tree is router cut from Plyboo and is a fun addition to an otherwise overlooked office corner.

The group of trees is a slightly different cut and style using Plyboo, and shows some interesting texture and dimension.

Ferrari Color wants to help you take your graphics and decor to the next level. Don’t settle for an average, white wall office- email us today to get started on your next project.

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