We live in a fast paced world filled with disposable things. The fashion, retail, and consumer markets are especially fleeting in their ad campaigns, it’s often a challenge to keep up. Some stores install and remove their ad graphics weekly, and once removed, the graphic won’t be used again. So what now? Toss it in the garbage and move on? Not quite.

While tossing your graphic in the trash might be tempting, it’s definitely not your only option. At Ferrari Color, we realize that high turnover in your graphics can leave you with an overfilled storage closet or trash can. We’ve tackled this problem by incorporating materials that are often 100% recyclable. This means that in many cases, all you need to do is put that used graphic right in your curbside recycling container. We offer a variety of products that are earth-friendly, biodegradable, recycled, recyclable, or sustainable, and we do it within your timeline and budget.

Paper Products:

This might seem like a no-brainer, but not all paper products are created equally. A large selection of our paper products are quick and easy to recycle. We offer a variety of cardstocks and wallpapers, as well as products like Bloxlite, Endura Matte, and dye-sub paper.

Fabric Products:

Many of our polyester fabrics are derived from PET, which is similar to a plastic water bottle. In most cases, this means it is recyclable and ready for pickup as soon as the images come down. Other earth-friendly fabrics include muslin, canvas, duck, silk, satin, and poplin.

Rigid Products:

Rigid products can make a big impact in a display, but they can also present a big problem after the promo is over. We offer compostable wood products like MDF, maple veneer, and MDO. Our Falconboard is a popular rigid product used for displays and signs and is 100% recyclable.

Dibond/Aluminum Composite Materials:

Dibond, our aluminum composite, is a great option for a sturdy long-term signage. Its aluminum exterior, combined with a polyethylene core make it a recyclable product in most areas.

All of us want to leave the smallest footprint possible. We are constantly in the market for new products and ideas to make sure we’re earth conscious and sustainable. You can feel good about ordering from us, using our products, and then being able to dispose of them in a responsible way. From our team at Ferrari Color, Happy Earth Day!

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