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There is Food Here (Pulling Customers in with Food Truck Graphics)

Food truck graphics

Hunger gets people out of their office and out looking for somewhere to eat lunch. And it’s the brilliant, vibrant design of your food truck graphics that lures those people up to your window to get a savory taco or delectably sweet waffle. (OK, it’s partly their hunger and the sweet aroma wafting from your food truck.)

As a mobile business, your food truck is dependent on graphics. You rely on brand recognition, so you want a design that’s instantly noticeable and memorable. It’s these kind of graphics that will attract and pull in customers no matter if your food truck is zooming down the highway or parked in a commercial area’s parking lot.

Salt lake city food truck

And with the food truck business being a competitive one, it takes more than appetizing eats to entice hungry consumers to pick your food truck over the one across the street that smells just as good as yours. Even if competing trucks aren’t offering the same foods as you, they’re still offering trendy, tasty options. To help you stand out, you need to effectively brand and design your food truck with bold and creative graphics.

Here at Ferrari Color, we’ve printed and installed dozens upon dozens of vehicle wraps. During our years of experience, we’ve learned the top 5 things to include in your graphics design:

The name of your business

Your business’ phone number and website

Your business’ social media info

Your business logo

The specialties your food truck is known for.

Vehicle wraps also allow you to create a design that’s colorful, eye-catching and fun. You want a design that matches your brand and the food you offer, but don’t be afraid to have fun with your design. It’s the really unique ones that draw in those walking and driving by. If you need design assistance, host an online food truck design contest on social media, hire a local professional artist or graphics designer or call us. We’ve got some awesome designers on hand who can help you create a spectacular food truck design.

You can also trust Ferrari Color to create and wrap your food truck for you. The materials we use won’t affect your truck’s original paint job, and they’re weather-resistant so your graphics should last a few years no matter how much sun, rain or snow your truck travels through. And you have our total guarantee that our skilled install team will perfectly put on your partial or full vehicle wrap and any window graphics you have.

al dogs food truck

People first eat with their eyes. So grab their attention with your food truck graphics, and then let the taste of your flavorful food fatten up your sales and turn those hungry folk into loyal customers.

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