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Stop Traffic and Pull Them Inside Your Store (Using Window Graphics)



We’ve all been told not to judge someone by how they look or a book by its cover—but in all honestly, most of us still tend to do so. It’s hard not to when we live in a visual culture. We as humans prefer seeing over hearing or reading. And it’s not all personal choice; studies have proven our brains are just wired to better remember what we see.

So whether you judge by outward appearance or not, as a retailer, you can’t ignore that consumers judge your store and receive their first impression of the products and service you offer based on how the outside of your store looks, which includes your storefront windows.

With everyone attached to their digital devices nowadays, it’s hard for retailers not to assume they need digital technology to attract customers. But you don’t need a digital storefront to stop outside traffic and increase your brick-and-mortar store’s foot traffic. Storefront window graphics will pull even the most tech-savvy consumers into your store.

Retail window graphics—no matter what material options you use—work every season and are very visible whether people on are on the outside sidewalk, in a nearby parking lot or driving on the street outside your store. But, you have 5, maybe 10, seconds to grab a consumer’s attention with your window graphics. And here’s how you can make that short time work in your favor.

Tell a story.

Create an experience for consumers, and do so beautifully to really pull on passer-by’s emotions. Which means, don’t just have a theme. Instead of just doing your typical red and green Christmas, consider doing a 12 days of Christmas gifts or a winter night under the star’s story-based theme.

winter display

Display great products but not your best.

You may think you need to put your best product in the center of your window or all window signage showcasing your “hot” new item—but you don’t. Rather, put some of your other really good products on display or advertise them with graphics. This way a consumer will come in your store and be curious to see what other great stuff you offer. On the other hand, if you put your best item out there, they’ll only come in to see that product and you’ll miss your chance to upsell them.

Use attention-grabbing colors.

clothes display

colorful canvas display

Approximately 85% of consumers say color is their main reason for buying a product. And since your storefront window is your first chance to grab their attention, you better use the right colors to entice them to buy. If you want to get the attention of impulse shoppers, Shopify says to use red orange, black and royal blue in your window graphics color scheme. And if you’re a clothing store, use pink, rose and/or sky blue.

Understand your customer.

outdoor storefront

This means going beyond the basics of gender, age and education level of your typical customer. Consider what their hobbies are and what they’re passionate about. If your target market is millennials, then incorporate something that’s good for the body, mind and soul into your storefront window graphics and display since this age group prioritizes wellness in their life. Understanding who your customer is allows you to give them what they want and cater to their emotions, while at the same time surprising and delighting them.

Have fun with it.

fun retail window

At the end of the day, your retail windows should be fun for you and your customers. If it’s not, then don’t be afraid to try new angles and take chance on doing something totally different than what you’ve always done to try and get the foot traffic you’re wanting.

Your outside appearance is what attracts consumers. Your in-store products and customer service are what get you the sale. Use your windows right to stop potential customers and pull them inside your store to get that sale.

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