You’ve probably seen a  sign attached to a magnetic surface, but what if you want the benefits of a repositionable, easy to install magnet but you don’t have a metal surface to start with? Get the job done with PolyEight and Invisilock. These two materials work together to make almost any surface ready for your graphics. Here’s how it works:

The main benefit of this graphic system is that PolyEight can be rolled on and off simply and quickly, or re-positioned as many times as you need. Another advantage is the layering capabilities. PolyEight can layer up to four times and still hold strong. This means you can start with a large sign and maybe layer a smaller element to give information on dates or new changes within the store. Because these signs can be installed at the store level, installation is a breeze, and almost anyone can do it. Polyeight is also very flexible, which means it can be rolled and shipped in a tube, cutting shipping costs significantly. When unrolled, PolyEight lays flat and doesn’t curl at the corners.

PolyEight has a bright white base, wide roll width, and high durability. With stunning print quality results, this material works exceptionally well for large wall murals , menu boards or in-store displays. This is a great material for use where ambient conditions vary, and because of the sturdy 13 mil material, it resists cracking and tearing when rolled and repositioned.

With all these qualities and seamless layering, PolyEight is an excellent choice for many applications. If you’d like to learn more about this product or find out if it’s right for your business, contact a Ferrari Color account manager today.

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