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Down, set, touchdown graphics!

While we hate to see summer go, we love that football season is finally back! College football started a couple of weeks ago, and the NFL season officially kicked off last week. Here are two recent football projects Ferrari Color produced.  Hopefully, these images are just the extra encouragement you need to get into the football spirit.

Nike and Los Angeles Rams Project

Nike’s 23-foot LA Rams merchandise trailers needed a fresh look for the 2017 season, so Ferrari Color covered the trailers with new vinyl wraps.

BYU Project

For one of BYU’s football semi-truck trailers, we wrapped the sides and back of the trailer.  The 3M 180C laminated vinyl was the choice for this project, but this time in Cougar blue and white.

Whatever your sports-related graphics needs, Ferrari Color can help you and your customers get in the cheering spirit! From team trailers to large stadiums, we produce graphics that excite fans almost as much as a winning touchdown. Contact us today and one of our Account Manager’s can help you with your next project.

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