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Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) are taking the industry by storm- and for a good reason. Easy to use, budget-friendly, and entirely customizable, SEG is a fantastic option. Sometimes a new product can be a little intimidating, and you might be worried about the assembly or disassembly of a SEG. We’re going to show you our latest projects with Dolby and give a few tips to provide you with all the confidence you need to switch out your graphics and keep them looking great.

Tuck it all

The silicone edge is stitched to your fabric, and a common mistake is to tuck the silicone edge only. Doing this will result in a loose-fitting graphic that will fall out of the frame. Tuck the stitched fabric and the silicone edge all the way into the aluminum frame so it fits snugly.

Work In or Out

You might think starting at a corner and working to the next corner is the way to go, but this usually causes bunching and misplacement of the graphic. You can avoid this by either tucking your corners in first and working inward toward the center, or starting in the center and working your way out. This way you have things where they need to be and the graphic is stretched evenly along the frame. These frames produced for Dolby allow the graphic to be taut and smooth, the perfect addition to their office.

Avoid Stretching

Stretched silicone is another common issue that produces a graphic that is bunched up somewhere along the frame. The silicone edge is pliable and a little bit stretchy, so avoid pulling and stretching from one corner to another. Again, work from the outsides toward the center or center toward the outside rather than corner to corner.

Install All Together

It might seem faster to do one side at a time, but this can create problems along the way. If you’ve ever put up a trampoline, you know that putting all the tension on one side makes it almost impossible to get the opposite side installed. To distribute the tension evenly, it’s best to install a little bit on each side until you’re all done. Although it might sound more time consuming, it will probably save you time in the long run. Once installed correctly, a SEG installation like these floating Dolby graphics look beautifully professional and clean.

All Dolby photo credit: Cassandra Sadikin.

Installing a Silicone Edge Graphic (SEG) might seem intimidating at first, but trust us and you’ll have your graphic up in no time.  Contact an account manager to get your SEG into production.

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