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We’ve all driven by road signs with that “illuminated” quality, but have you ever stopped to think about how that happens? At Ferrari Color we love to let our clients know how materials work, and reflective vinyl is especially interesting.

How does it glow? That might be a common question, but reflective vinyl isn’t luminescent by itself. This material is designed to be fully visible in the daylight hours, but also visible at night with the reflection of artificial light. This means that your sign will look great in the day, with colors and noticeable features, but as a bonus, it will also show those features at night. Will it look the same in the day and the night? Well, that depends on your sign, and often there is a slight color shift. For example, since the color black is the absence of light, it tends to look dark brown when hit with artificial light. This is something to consider when choosing colors for your sign, and you can be sure that the team at Ferrari Color will be able to answer your questions and make sure you know what you’ll be getting.

There are quite a few different types of reflective vinyl on the market, and at Ferrari Color, we use 3M Scotchlite Reflective Film. This material is classified as a “retroreflective” or “beaded reflective”, meaning that it gets its reflective property from tiny beads in the pigment of the face film. Those little beads reflect the light towards the viewer when illuminated, and this particular material looks very similar in both the daytime and nighttime.

Reflective vinyl is an excellent option for an outside sign because it retains most of its reflective qualities even when it’s wet. It’s a long-lasting product, with an expected performance life of seven years, and won’t fade or crack when used as suggested. 3M Scotchlite Reflective comes with a pressure sensitive permanent adhesive that is sure to last and does well when applied to flat as well as curved surfaces.

Reflective vinyl has many end uses, including trade show, floor and vehicle graphics, POP displays, and of course, outdoor signage. Using this product in creative ways and mounting to an aluminum material is sure to get your sign noticed, even after the sun goes down.

Email us today to get started using reflective vinyl in your next project. Its unexpected qualities make your signs pop, and its features make it an excellent choice for longevity and versatility.


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