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Product Spotlight: Temporary Graphics, Lasting Impact

Temporary Graphics

Versatile, reusable and cost-effective—these are all things you want when looking for your store’s retail graphics, right? Well, look no further than temporary graphics because those three qualities are exactly what you will get and more.

Temporary graphics are created and placed to make a specific statement, and make it boldly. Whether you are advertising a new product, promoting a sale or announcing a holiday promotion, temporary graphics should be your graphics of choice for each of these types of store events.

Two of our most popular temporary graphics retailers like to use are visual magnetic graphics and static window clings.

Chalkboard Magnetic Graphic

Visual magnetic graphics are great, affordable in-store graphics. These temporary graphics really keep your in-store displays looking fresh because they allow you to effortlessly and regularly switch out your message or advertisement to your customers. Because they are an easily changeable graphic, they are perfect to use when you need to advertise a new product or a limited edition product as well as announce product sales or holiday promotions.

Magnetic Graphic Close-up

So if you do special sales or promotions for each holiday of the year, visual magnetic graphics are the route your store should take. Updating this type of graphic each month for the new holiday is as easy as making the same update on your website or creating and sharing a Facebook post announcing the month’s special deals.

While visual magnetic graphics are good to use inside your store, static clings are the ideal answer to your temporary window graphic needs. Window graphics are the first thing to catch a customer’s eye. You want your windows to really grab a potential client’s attention and entice them to come into your store and buy whatever you are promoting. A transparent static window cling is an easy, cost-effective way to announce your message to passers-by without disrupting the view for those looking into your store and those looking out.

Static Clings

Besides being cost-effective and able to be put up for a few weeks or months, then taken down, stored for several months and put back up again, easy installation is another big perk with these two temporary graphics. Visual magnetic graphics and static window clings don’t require professional installation. You or any of your employees can quickly and easily install the graphics. One reason is because neither of these temporary graphics involve adhesive—a factor that plays a huge role in why they are so easy to install compared to other graphics and why so many retailers opt for one of these as their temporary graphic of choice.

Temporary graphics provide excellent value for getting your product, sale or promotion out to your customers. They create appeal to new and existing products, and new and existing customers, and they also help generate repeat customers to your store. With all the new products your retail store has to sell each year and the various sales and holiday promotions you put on, temporary graphics are your best chance to effectively advertise each, and save yourself time and money in the process.

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