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The word “personalization” has been buzzing around the retail industry for a little while now, but what does that word mean for you? From our point of view, from yours, or from your customer’s point of view, personalization is becoming increasingly important.


Personalization vs. Custom

These two words are often interchanged and can, in some cases, have similar meanings. For the team at Ferrari Color, they’re a bit different. We offer custom graphics, meaning we can produce graphics specific to your needs. Creating these graphics is an essential part of our job, it’s our specialty, and it’s what we love to do. But it doesn’t end there. We want your experience to be a personal one, which is why you’ll be assigned to work with an account manager that is attentive to your needs, your personality, and your situation. From inquiry, to design, to installation, we want your experience to be specifically catered to you.


The “Personal” Experience

Now that we’ve started on your personal experience, we want to help your customers have the same kind of experience with you. In 2018, we’ve seen personalization in retail stores unlike ever before. Cosmetic and fragrance companies set up custom engraving stations, retailers have apps showing how many “likes” a product has on social media, and clothing retailers have stylists on hand to help you with sizes and items for your particular body type. This phenomenon is becoming more than a boutique experience, and it’s going mainstream in a hurry. Our team knows it’s a fast-paced world and we want to help you keep up and stay at the forefront with new and innovative graphics, POP displays, retail signage, and more.

Coming Back

The goal is to please the customer, have them think about their excellent personal experience, and come back for more. Ferrari Color helps you think outside the box and stay current, unique, and memorable. What will draw a customer to your store, keep them there, and motivate them to return? Looking at every aspect of your business from top to bottom will help you assess what will bring personalization to your store. If there’s an area where Ferrari Color can help, we’re ready.

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