Overstock’s Peace Coliseum Brings Fun, Light Atmosphere in More Ways Than One

At Ferrari Color we always love innovative outside-the-box ideas, so when Overstock came to us to produce the graphics in their new Peace Coliseum, we were excited to meet the challenge. The Peace Coliseum is a gorgeous new building set on 18 acres in Midvale, Utah. The design of the building is meant to echo the architecture of the Roman Coliseum, with hundreds of glass windows throughout the building. From an aerial view, the Coliseum mimics a “peace sign,” with plenty of green space and open areas for Overstock employees to enjoy.

Overstock’s marketing team wanted more interaction with their employees and to highlight their re-branding with some playful “thought bubbles” in higher traffic areas. This way when employees walk to meetings, they can see the thought bubbles and think about why they’re doing what they’re doing and get inspired with new ideas.

The challenge for the Ferrari Color team was to use printed graphics while still letting the natural light and free-flow feeling of the building stand out.

We used a clear static cling printed with multiple colors and varying levels of white ink to allow the viewer to see and read the messages clearly, but not block out any of the natural light.

Using a clear static cling allows the user to remove and reposition the graphic at any time. Being able to reposition the graphics was especially useful for Overstock so they will be able to position thought bubbles in different areas around the Peace Coliseum.

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