Mix it up with a trendy new collage wall

In the world of photography, trends change rapidly. With better and more accessible printing options, it’s much easier to create a unique look in your store or office with high-quality photographic prints.

One of the most popular trends we love right now is the collage wall. A collage wall is a mix of photos or art pieces of varying sizes and shapes grouped together. There’s really no wrong way to do it, and a collage wall fits well in any space.

Sephora asked us to print photos of these beautiful faces and makeup artists applying their newest products. The photographs were printed on our Lambda machine in our Sacramento office, on a photo matte paper, making them perfect for framing as they don’t reflect any glare thru the glass. Matte photo finishes tend to look a little more professional and luxurious, which was an excellent option for Sephora.

To achieve the collage wall look, merely hang photos close together, usually keeping a relatively consistent and balanced spacing between the frames. The Sephora wall incorporated prints of different sizes and shapes as well as assorted frame colors and textures. The look was completed with some adhesive vinyl text to add an extra touch of visual interest.


Collage walls are a great addition to any space, and the style can show a lot of personality and information on just one wall. If you’d like to incorporate a collage wall in your store or office, contact one of our account managers today to get started.


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