How To Make the Best First Impressions With Your Graphics


First impressions matter—in landing a job, attracting customers or starting a relationship. You only have one chance at it. Business graphics can be an effective way to interest new customers and to start a loyal customer-business relationship.

Our friends at shared some interesting facts that this statement. Check out this cool infographic from

  • On-site signs attract 50% of new customers.
  • Without signage, 35% of passers-by wouldn’t know the store exists..
  • The addition of directional signs (8.9%) and large pole signs (8.6%) increases profits
  • In a mobile society (13-20% of people move annually), 35% of these people find out about local businesses from signage..
  • For the cost of newspaper ad, a company can produce stunning on-site graphics.

To further the point, 68% of consumers have bought a service or product because signage caught their eye.

Since graphics are usually the initial thing potential customers see, the visuals should leave a strong first impression. Your graphics should impress customers enough to entice them to enter your store. Customers want a reason to enter, to feel valued and hopefully purchase.

Consider how you are making first impressions.

Check out your surroundings.

Take a walk or a drive to see the signage of the businesses around. Make certain your design fits in with the local area and consumers, but still stands out. Take note of what other businesses, and any nearby competition, are doing. See how various types of signs and placements work. Consider using a different color scheme and marketing message to help your business stand out from the crowd.

Design with the intention of pulling people inside your store.

A strong way to stop traffic and get shoppers into your store is with window graphics. But you only have a quick moment to make that happen. Here are 5 things in mind to create traffic-stopping window graphics:

  1. Tell a story.
  2. Display good products but not your best ones.
  3. Use colors that grab attention (like red, orange and royal blue).
  4. Know your target market.
  5. Have fun with it!

Other ideas for a meaningful message. Say it concisely, use appropriate fonts and avoid adding too much detail.

Utilize the best placement.

Before creating and ordering graphics, think about the placement for the type of image you’re wanting. Got an upcoming sale? Get yourself some window graphics. Want to direct customers to your new location? Put up a sign on a nearby busy road or yard/sidewalk signs in the shopping area. Need to announce a grand opening? Place a gigantic red vinyl banner on the most visible side of your building.

Hire professionals.

Your business graphics make a first impression, so don’t hand write, hand paint or use simple snapshots in your signage If photos will be included, make certain they are professional. Doing it yourself may be a cheaper option, but it will send out the message that you settle for low quality and that you concerned more about saving money than excellence costs. When you are ready, call on an expert, like Ferrari Color to help make the right impression.

No matter your market or type of graphic, our professional team here at Ferrari Color can help you design, print and even install your business graphics. Give us a call at 800.533.6333.

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