Looking Ahead: Summer 2018 Window Trends

Perhaps you’re still looking at cold months ahead, but sooner than you know it, summer will be here. We’ve rounded up a few of the best Summer 2018 window trends to showcase your products and keep you ahead of the game.


This trend is easily achievable for almost any business. Using different geometric shapes and patterns, you can draw the eye inward toward your product. Try a small element at first, or go big with a huge geometric printed background. You can easily incorporate colors and logos into this approachable trend.


Metallics and Iridescents

This futuristic look is eye-catching and exciting. Both of these elements can be used simply, with a few clean elements, or it can be a bit more over the top, with many textures and colors. Whatever the case, we love this trend, and using metallics or iridescents in your window display is sure to capture some attention.


Intense Colors

With the release of Ultraviolet, Pantone’s Color of the Year, you might have predicted that this year would be about bold color. Bright colors have been at the forefront of fashion runways and home interiors, and incorporating it into your window display would make your products pop! If you’re a little nervous, try using just two bold colors that complement each other well. Add a splash here and there, and you’ll be looking bold and beautiful.


Natural Elements

We’re still very much into a clean look with an added “natural” flair. Incorporating wood, rocks, and greenery into your display gives a fresh look and puts the spotlight on your product. You could even use another trend, such as metallics, to highlight a natural look. Use modern futuristic surroundings and place your new product on a centralized natural wooden pedestal. Using a combination of looks can be amazing, just be careful to avoid making things too busy.


Our team at Ferrari Color is excited about these summer trends, and we would love to help you prepare! Plan ahead and get your graphics done so you’ll be ready and waiting when summer comes.

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