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Open concepts are becoming increasingly popular in the office environment. Glass doors and walls make a space feel light and inviting, giving a modern look to conference rooms and offices. The challenge with the open concept is to keep a professional look without being sterile or cold, and this is where Ferrari Color has some great options.

Blue Diamond had some large glass areas and a few other blank walls that needed some visual interest. A white or frosted glass can be a beautiful addition, but Blue Diamond wanted to change things up and incorporate color into their window graphics. Printed on Poly Clear these colorful graphics bring warmth and interest to the space while maintaining a clean and professional look.

In addition to the window graphics, we installed wall murals on a couple of the blank walls. The black map wall was printed on a magnetic Invisilock material, and the artistic mechanism mural was printed using 3M 180c with a matte laminate.

Color window graphics can be a fun way to dress up your conference room, and depending on your needs you can opt for a temporary or more permanent solution. You can play with your logo or an inspirational quote, or you can choose for an artistic design as Blue Diamond did.

The team at Ferrari Color has an eye for the newest innovative materials and designs, and we’d love to help you incorporate color window graphics in your space. Email us today to get started.

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