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Getting Creative with Kaiser

Putting graphics in unexpected places is always an attention grabber.

Working with the Northern California Kaiser Permanente team, we added graphics to make some commonly overlooked spaces really pop.


You would not typically expect a roll-up aluminum door to have visual appeal, but we do.  A quick and easy way to add to the waiting room is to cover the flexible doors with smart, colorful graphics. The 3M 180C vinyl with a durable lustre laminate is a great option.



Stair and floor graphics are an excellent way to dress up and brand your office, clinic or hospital. Printed on 3M Interior Floor material with a waterproof and slip-resistant laminate, the bright colored message stands out and gets noticed in surprising ways.


People spend a considerable amount of time waiting for elevator doors to open, making it a great spot to view a brief message. Your viewers learn about your clinic and some of the important reasons for visiting. Kaiser selected a 3M 3552 adhesive material with a lustre laminate because of its smooth and seamless properties as well as its durability and removability.


Poles and pillars can be more than structural support when you add a wrap-around with a creative message. We installed 3M 180C with laminate that is flexible and conforms easily to the curves of the pole. These poles are great branding opportunities and can also help direct traffic throughout the facility.


An obvious choice for graphics are walls and windows. You can get creative like Kaiser did with some playful clouds, fish, and fun images to help young patients feel more comfortable. It was essential to see through these windows and to be able to remove the graphic without leaving any residue.  Our Poly Clear material is excellent for window graphics and allows the images to appear as if they are painted on the glass.

Do you have any overlooked spaces that could use a pop of interest?  Your graphics can tell your patients, visitors, and patrons that they have made the right choice in selecting you as their healthcare provider. Click here to reach one of our Account Managers to start brainstorming new and creative ways to maximize the space you have.

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