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Conventions can be a lot of the same thing. Sometimes, even if it’s something new, the presentation doesn’t leave a lasting impression. The creative team at Ferrari Color knows you can’t have average graphics if you want to make an impact. We helped our client Plexus maximize every piece of graphic real estate possible in this convention center. Strategic placement, color, and design ensured that these graphics got noticed.


Entrance/Archway and Floor Graphics

Well-placed graphics in arches, entrances, and on the floor can set the tone for what your attendees are about to see and get them excited for your convention. Our graphics are sure to be precision cut to fit every angle and enhance the architecture of the venue. Floor graphics get a lot of foot traffic and if they’re not the right material or if they are not installed correctly, can cause significant issues and a horrible eyesore. Our team of professional installers do a fantastic job and make sure every last detail is covered to ensure the best possible outcome for your event.


Agendas and Directional Signage

The convention agenda is something that is referenced often and needs to be easily accessible for the duration of the convention. This freestanding sign for Plexus is easily assembled for quick use and can be placed almost anywhere without fear of tipping over. We loved the creative table toppers with the agenda, such a great use of a commonly overlooked space at conventions.


Pole Wraps and Hanging Banners

Pole wraps and oversized hanging banners can be a great piece of untapped graphic real estate and a fantastic way to add marketing and branding to the event


Product Displays and Window Signage

New product launches are one of the most significant reasons people come to conventions. They want to see, touch and hear about new products that are about to launch. Clever signage and backdrops help engage attendees and keep them interested throughout the convention.

Window displays are also a creative way to let people both inside and outside know what’s going on and also displays your branding and conference theme.


Flag Pole Banners

Flag pole banners, whether inside, outside, or leading up to the convention center, build anticipation for your event. Think about showing your logo, theme and the dates of your convention to inform potential customers and those attending.


Fabric Backgrounds and Photo Props

Backgrounds and photo props are a fun way to show off your brand and, as a bonus, be shared on social media. Display your logo and a hashtag and let your attendees run wild with creative ways to take photos and share.


Escalator Graphics

Did you know that even the escalators can be a place to put graphics? It’s a clever way to show your stuff to a somewhat captive audience while they are going to their next class or seminar.


Door Graphics

Make sure your brand is the last thing they see when they step out the doors. Leave a lasting impression with high quality, vividly colored graphics. Our window graphics are durable and long-lasting, but are also easily removed without leaving any residue or damage.


We know that preparing for a convention can be busy and stressful and that it takes an amazing team to pull off. Our experienced account managers have worked on hundreds of conventions across the country. Let us help you find those unexpected pieces of graphic real estate to make your next event the most successful one yet.

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