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With natural disasters, needs in the community, and countless charity programs, there are many things to think about in terms of giving. For the team at Ferrari Color, it’s important to see these needs and give back. Each year, the Senior Management team at Ferrari Color meets to pick charities to work with during the upcoming year. Taking into consideration recent natural disasters, local needs, and events outside the community, Ferrari Color steps up to help in difficult situations. 

Instead of gifts at Christmas, employees rally to donate time and resources to organizations like local food banks, Boys and Girls Clubs, Ronald McDonald Charities, and Shriners. Giving back doesn’t stop at Christmas, and often you’ll find Ferrari Color employees at charity events, races, and fundraisers throughout the year. 

This year, as part of our Fourth of July celebration, Ferrari Color is excited to be working with the Wounded Warrior Project. This organization helps over 400,000 servicemen and women and provides therapy and support for those who have valiantly served our country.  In addition, Ferrari Color employees had a Day of Giving a few weeks ago and put together hundreds of backpack and school kits for kids in the Salt Lake and Sacramento valley.

Ferrari Colors knows that to be successful in any endeavor, it is important to see a need and give back. We have incorporated this giving attitude into the workplace for many years, and have seen positive results from employees and the community. The ability to help is one Ferrari Color is grateful for, and they look forward to giving for years to come.

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