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The construction period for any business can be a stressful and unsightly time. Whether you’re going through a new build or remodeling, it can be helpful to inform the public what’s going on as well as cover those messy construction zones. Ferrari Color can help, with a variety of printed graphics that will hold up for the duration of your construction period.

Typically made of mesh or heavy-duty vinyl, fence graphics inform the community what’s going on behind that fence. Using a fence graphic builds anticipation for your business, and it’s also an excellent opportunity to get your branding out there and noticed.

Construction signage is usually made from heavy-duty materials and used for projects that typically last a little longer. Our materials resist inclement weather, and something like our maple veneer is classy and looks great for a sign that will be there a while. Similar to fence graphics, a construction sign builds hype for your project and can also display information like phone numbers or websites.

Barricades are the perfect solution for a construction zone, so you don’t share the mess with every person that walks by. Barricade graphics can be printed on a variety of materials, depending on your needs. Ferrari Color specializes in large-scale graphics to cover the entire entrance to your construction zone, so you won’t have to worry about the mess behind the sign.

Whatever you’ve got going on, sun, rain, wind, or long drawn out construction periods are no match for our top of the line exterior graphics. Is your remodel or new construction coming up?

Contact an account manager to get your construction graphics into production.

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