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There are many times in life that you’ve got to choose. Making the best decision for your particular situation can be difficult, and choosing a printing service is no different. At Ferrari Color, we know you want to get the results you’re hoping for. Here are a few tips on how to choose a printer, and why Ferrari Color could be the best choice for you.

Your Vision

Maybe you know exactly what you want, perhaps you have a vague idea, and perhaps you have no clue. Your initial communication with a printing company should be a friendly consultation where you explain your objective. Your interaction could be verbal, electronic, or in person, and at Ferrari Color we welcome any and all. Do you need a large-scale banner, sign, or display? We have cutting-edge technology and large-scale printers that can print on vinyl, plastic, fabrics and more. We have a design staff that specializes in numerous areas. You can be sure you get someone who knows the product and also understands exactly what you’re looking for.


It’s helpful for your printer to know your budget to get you the best product and “bang for your buck.” It’s essential that, if you can, you communicate this as early in the process as possible to ensure everyone stays on track. It’s essential to our team that you don’t feel pushed into spending more than you want to, and we are careful to discuss and change things along the way if necessary to meet your needs.


Deadlines are a big deal, and there’s nothing worse than feeling rushed or stressed about something not being completed on time. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to consult, communicate, design, and discuss your project with your printer. Be upfront about when you will need the project completed or final installation done. At Ferrari Color we understand deadlines well, and we strive to be on time or even ahead of schedule.

Lifetime of project

How long will your visual campaign need to last? Is it a month-long sales display? A seasonal sign? Maybe a permanent addition to your store. Knowing the lifetime of your project will ensure that you get the best return on your investment as well as use the right product for the job. Our team of product experts know what materials will stand up to whatever you have in mind, and we’ll help you make that decision along the way.


Some materials are easily installed by the customers, while others require a professional installation team. Let your printing and design team know where you’d like your product to end up and whether it’s something you might want to move around a bit. Ferrari Color has options for any condition and surface, and we have an installation team that can handle just about anything. Our CPET (Creative Projects and Engineering Team) loves a challenge and is continually working on forward-thinking projects.

Your relationship with your printing company of choice is essential for the success of your project. Choose a printer that listens to your needs and can accomplish your project on time, within budget, using the right materials. Ferrari Color knows the importance of all of these things, and we love helping our clients bring their ideas to full fruition.


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