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There are many factors that go into designing a sign — you have to choose the sign’s size, shape, colors, messaging, and font. While all of these are important, choosing the right font matters more than you may think. The right font is key to helping customers read your sign at a quick glance.

How to Choose Fonts

There are two key things to consider when choosing the right font for your sign: readability and brand compatibility. In other words, you want to make it as easy as possible for people to read the sign while making sure your brand is recognizable. Ask yourself if a font is easy to read and if it supports your design, messaging, and brand.













You have roughly eight seconds to grab someone’s attention with an ad, so choosing a font that’s easy to read is essential to a sign’s effectiveness. Your first goal is to make sure your font is legible from a distance so your customer has more time to see and ingest the ad.

To make your sign readable consider all of the following:

  • Letter height: Compressed fonts are harder to read.
  • Simplicity: Use one or two fonts per sign, and choose classic print over script or playful fonts.
  • Spacing: Well-spaced letters and lines increase readability.
  • Color contrast: A high contrast between the font and background colors increases readability.













Brand Compatibility

You’ve spent time building a recognizable brand, consider including your logo using your company’s primary font and colors in your ads. This keeps your marketing and advertising consistent and creates a unified message.

If you’re unsure about which fonts to choose, our team at Ferrari Color can help you select the right look for your ad. Contact one of our Account Managers today and let’s get started.


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