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by FerrariColor | February 12, 2019

2018 was a year that inspired us to push our levels of creativity and complete some projects we’re really proud of. Our Ferrari Color team worked hard to produce and install hundreds of high-quality custom graphics, some of which you’ll see in this fun 2018 project video. We had a great year, and we look

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Vino Volo Flying with Class

by FerrariColor | July 28, 2017

Bringing a high-class wine shopping experience to the fast-paced world of air travel. The Project & the Client Recently, Ferrari Color completed a graphics project for Vino Volo, a wine bar and cafe company with 33 locations in cities and airports throughout North America. The graphics recently produced were placed in the Sacramento International Airport’s

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Connect with Diners through Quality Graphics

by ferraricolor | June 5, 2017

In the restaurant business, the food isn’t always what makes or breaks a dining establishment. Yes, the variety of food and quality ingredients used to make the food are of the utmost importance, but so is the design of your restaurant. A restaurant isn’t just a stomach’s impression; it’s a series of impressions. From the

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Red color of Valentine's

Why is Red the Color of Valentine’s Day?

by ferraricolor | February 6, 2017

Retail sale signs. Stop signs. Fire hydrants. Flashing police car lights. That bad grade on your first college paper. What do all of these have in common? They’re all the color red. Red is an attention grabbing and emotionally intense color. It enhances physical reactions, which is why retailers use it with signs to stimulate

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Love Is Sweet

by ferraricolor | February 12, 2014

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory teamed up with Ferrari Color to create a beautiful new graphics system for their holiday displays. This inventive visual magnetic graphics system is easy to install and is changeable from one season to the next. Inside a store, it can go from Holiday to Valentine’s Day in a matter of minutes. Now that’s pretty sweet! From

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Ferrari Color Helps Create the World's Largest Lollypop

by ferraricolor | August 15, 2012

IT’S OFFICIAL – SEE’S CANDY NOW HOLDS THE GUINNESS RECORD FOR THE WORLD’S LARGEST LOLLYPOP Ferrari Color was honored to create the lollypop wrapper for this fun project! Weighing in at just over 7,000 lbs., this oversized candy took the prize from the previous record set in 2009 by nearly 500 pounds. Using a gold

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