by FerrariColor | October 3, 2018

Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) are taking the industry by storm- and for a good reason. Easy to use, budget-friendly, and entirely customizable, SEG is a fantastic option. Sometimes a new product can be a little intimidating, and you might be worried about the assembly or disassembly of a SEG. We’re going to show you our

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by FerrariColor | August 27, 2018

When a business relocates or acquires a new facility, they sometimes need a little help giving that building a new look. Wag Hotels approached us needing to change the appearance of one of their buildings. We knew great new graphics would completely transform the building, and we set to work. The exterior of the building

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by FerrariColor | July 10, 2018

SEG, or silicone edge graphics, are becoming more and more popular in the printing world. While not exactly a new technology, the SEG products keep getting better, and at Ferrari Color we are here to help you stay up on all the latest trends and technology. If you’re not familiar with SEG systems, here’s a

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What’s on Your Walls?

by FerrariColor | January 18, 2018

Perhaps you have heard the term “If these walls could talk.”  When a client walks into your office, what do your walls say to them? Is there a general feel of professionalism? Are there informational signs or banners telling them why they should work with you? Are there faded stock prints of paintings from 1995? Ferrari

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GE Medical gets a new look for the new year

by FerrariColor | January 9, 2018

Clean, modern, and well-organized surroundings help a hospital or doctor’s office maintain a sense of calm and reassurance with their patients. The pictures and graphic installations on the walls can say a lot to patients, including who their providers are, what equipment they use, and what kind of experience patients can expect to have. We recently worked with GE

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Design the office You Deserve

by ferraricolor | March 15, 2017

You spend 40+ hours a week in your office. You have customers and business partners coming and going often, as well as potential customers, partners, and employees. You want your office space to be a place, current employees, customers and partners enjoy coming to, and you need it to be a place that makes a

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Red Carpet Step and Repeats

by ferraricolor | January 16, 2017

If you watched the Golden Globes earlier this month, you probably oohed, ahhed and critiqued as Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone, Priyanka Chopra and others as they dazzled on the red carpet. While watching the stars arrive, you were also subliminally shown images of the event and sponsors in the background. That messaging is possible thanks

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A Winning Team Needs Winning Graphics

by ferraricolor | December 12, 2016

A stadium full of thousands of cheering fans mixed in with delicious smells of hot pretzels and fresh popcorn is what every fan, player and coach wants. But gamedays aren’t every day. So what can you do to give visitors and potential recruits that same glimpse into your amazing sports atmosphere? You create that unique

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