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by FerrariColor | February 12, 2019

2018 was a year that inspired us to push our levels of creativity and complete some projects we’re really proud of. Our Ferrari Color team worked hard to produce and install hundreds of high-quality custom graphics, some of which you’ll see in this fun 2018 project video. We had a great year, and we look

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Macy’s Flower Show: Once Upon a Springtime

by FerrariColor | April 13, 2018

For over 65 years Macy’s Flower Show has been a much-anticipated springtime event. The two-week extravaganza, initially launched in 1946, brings a fresh spring feeling, with the colors and smells of a perfect flower garden right inside the store.  This year, following the theme “Once Upon a Springtime” Macy’s stores in New York, Chicago, and

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Mix it up with a trendy new collage wall

by FerrariColor | December 28, 2017

In the world of photography, trends change rapidly. With better and more accessible printing options, it’s much easier to create a unique look in your store or office with high-quality photographic prints. One of the most popular trends we love right now is the collage wall. A collage wall is a mix of photos or

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L’Oreal Giorgio Armani Display Shows a Sleek, Bold Look

by FerrariColor | December 19, 2017

Giorgio Armani by L’Oreal stands as a fashionable, high-end brand, but when we helped them add a bold graphic display for a new fragrance launch, the sight was both eye-catching and engaging. Using our lambda flex material, we wrapped display tables with a beautiful, crisp image on all sides. Because the area would not be

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Macy’s Storefront Window Gets a Face-lift

by FerrariColor | November 6, 2017

Your storefront windows are one of your most important marketing tools.  If you want to grab a passerby’s attention, you need an impactful window display. The Macy’s in downtown Sacramento wanted an artistic way to highlight Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream using their storefront windows. The glass needed of a revitalizing facelift — and they got

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Red color of Valentine's

Why is Red the Color of Valentine’s Day?

by ferraricolor | February 6, 2017

Retail sale signs. Stop signs. Fire hydrants. Flashing police car lights. That bad grade on your first college paper. What do all of these have in common? They’re all the color red. Red is an attention grabbing and emotionally intense color. It enhances physical reactions, which is why retailers use it with signs to stimulate

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