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Color Guide: The Colors Associated With Emotions & Holidays

by ferraricolor | October 30, 2015

In the visual arts space, we have primary colors and secondary colors (and then several hues and shades of each of those colors). But colors go beyond widely taught color theory classifications. Each color has its own meaning. Each represents certain emotions, values, and/or occasions. Certain colors also are powerful marketing tools for retailers because

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Get The Scoop: The Dye Sub Details You Need To Know

by ferraricolor | March 25, 2015

Here at Ferrari Color, we print on an assortment of materials so we can provide our clients with the various print jobs they need for their stores and events. One material we use is fabric; a print that has the look and feel that really appeals to your customers’ senses. The process we use to

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

by ferraricolor | March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We at Ferrari Color hope you’re enjoying this holiday all decked out in green munching on some corned beef and cabbage. Fingers crossed you’ll have the luck of the Irish this year and find the leprechaun’s pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow today. Even if you don’t find

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Pantone Fashion Color Report — Fall 2015

by ferraricolor | February 14, 2015

Just a few weeks ago, the Pantone Color Institute announced its Color of the Year, Marsala. Now, Pantone has released its Fall 2015 Fashion Color Report. This year’s fall report is called “An Evolving Color Landscape” and highlights a progressing color landscape and more than 30 fashion designers. Pantone has been surveying the designers of

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Pantone Color Of The Year 2015 — Marsala

by ferraricolor | January 27, 2015

It should come as no surprise to you that we’re all visual people, meaning that all of your customers are visual people. Why is this a true statement for every consumer worldwide? Because 90% of the information communicated to the brain is visual, and because the brain processes visuals roughly 60,000 times faster than plain

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Exploring Color in the 17th Century

by ferraricolor | May 20, 2014

Color has been a focus of artists for hundreds of years but it seems one artist needed a Pantone book! A library in Provence, France, the Bibliothèque Méjanes, houses the predecessor to today’s Pantone swatch book.  The book, written in Dutch by A. Boogert in the 17th Century, includes page after page of color variants –

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