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The Ferrari Color Creative Projects Engineering Team (CPET) has one goal—to help clients bring their design ideas to life. CPET is innovative, creative and unique, and this team brings all those qualities to your project while ensuring you stay on budget. Whether you need life-size 3D props for a store opening, eye-catching window displays, a dynamic event backdrop or something else, members of CPET work with you every step of the way to turn even the simplest projects into fun, spectacular masterpieces.

When Columbia approached us with ideas for a new window display, we loved the idea. A monochromatic, dimensional display of foliage, leaves, and grasses, with their newest jacket in the center. The catch was that all of the materials used must be eco-friendly. We met the challenge with digitally cut Falconboard and recycled cardstock, and even a paper mache and jute mannequin form hung from the ceiling with recycled aluminum wire. The result was one both CPET, and Columbia were pleased with.

Projects like this are what make CPET so vital. The client has a great visual idea with some thoughts on materials used, and working together we brought that idea to fruition. The utilization of non-traditional materials is what makes our team stand out. We don’t limit ourselves when it comes to creative thinking, and often the client ends up with something even better than they could have imagined.

CPET takes something traditional, like a “starry night” photo printed for our client West Elm, and takes it up a notch. The beautiful picture of a night sky was lovely by itself, but CPET made a Gatorboard frame and illuminated it internally with LED lighting. The display was such a huge success, and West Elm had customers asking to buy the display right off the wall.

With over 30 years experience in Retail Visual Merchandising, Ferrari Color knows how to bring your ideas to life. Our printing techniques are new and innovative, keeping high-quality standards at the forefront of our business. CPET works closely with clients every step of the way to make sure you reach deadlines and stay within your budget while bringing your ideas to reality.


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