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Ideally, your workplace should inspire you and get your creative juices flowing. LDS Philanthropies wanted to update their offices with some visual inspiration by using bright, colorful wall graphics, interactive installations, and some fantastic “frosted” mountain scenes. Wall murals with simple but vibrant colors on 3M 180c vinyl were installed on conference room walls, along with some text plaques with inspirational quotes. The plaques were printed on a frosted ¼” acrylic, so the words could be read without covering the colorful imagery on the wall.

Glass walls in offices are great for a modern and open look. LDS Philanthropies wanted a material that provided privacy but was not completely opaque.  After testing many different white ink opacity levels, the decision was made to go with a 20% opacity using white ink printed on a Polyclear material. The result was a gorgeous detailed image of clouds hovering over rocky, tree-covered mountains, adding the perfect touch to the office windows.

LDS Philanthropies wanted a wall to showcase where they had offices as well as their philanthropic projects. We produced a map graphic with continuous lines, so there were no visible gaps or breaks, all installed on this slatted wall. This interactive wall was created so that framed pieces will fit within the slats anywhere on the wall and show past, present, or future projects. The globe was also printed with markers showing current LDS Philanthropies locations.

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