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Brand Exposure via Fleet Wraps


You love your company and you think everyone should know about it. But that doesn’t mean you have to wear polos with your logo on them every day, hand out your business cards to everyone you see at the grocery store or introduce yourself to new neighbors by saying, “Hi my name is Brad and I work for…”

A tried-and-true strategy for getting better brand exposure is covering vehicles with a branded car wrap. Vehicle wraps ensure everyone sees and learns a little bit about your brand outside the work walls, without you seeming like an overly pushy or awkward salesman everywhere you go.

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But this wanted brand attention doesn’t mean you have to wrap your personal car. Rather, turn your company fleet of vehicles into several cost-effective moving billboards.

Benefits of Fleet Wraps

Whether parked or driving, using fleet wraps is one of the most noticeably effective ways to market your brand to the masses.

A well-branded vehicle helps gain awareness like we’ve mentioned. Consumers aren’t going to buy your product or use your service unless they are aware and familiar with your brand. Adding branded graphics to your constantly moving fleet of delivery trucks or whatever type of company cars you have is going to ensure hundreds of eyes see your brand every day.

And these mobile billboards are way more handy (and reasonably priced) than standing billboards. They stand out more because they’re closer to passers-by than standing highway billboards. Your odds of reaching the audiences you want is greater because your fleet of vehicles is constantly moving and traveling to new places whereas a standing billboard is stuck in one spot and you have to hope the audience you want is passing by it. There’s also more space to use. A standing billboard may be large, but it’s only one-sided. With a vehicle, you have the two sides, front and the back of it to cover with your company name, phone number, website, slogan, logo and other relatable images.

Vehicle wraps also aren’t prejudice. There isn’t just one vehicle type you have to use; they can be added to cars, vans, trucks, busses, RVs, trailers and boats, and the materials used are weather-resistant and won’t hurt the vehicle’s paint.

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Commercial vehicle graphics are colorful, affordable, durable and guaranteed to give you brand exposure to thousands of potential customers and clients.

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Designing Your Fleet Graphics

When it comes to designing the graphics for your fleet vehicles, there are some tips and tricks to ensure you do it right:

  • Define the goal of your wrapped fleet.
  • Remember that what looks good on a flat digital screen may not look as good on a curvy car.
  • Know what areas of your vehicle can and can’t be wrapped (check your state standards).
  • Be colorfully creative, but don’t overdo it with too many colors, images or words.

Brand exposure plays a major role in driving customer awareness and engagement. Let your wrapped fleet of company vehicles do that kind of driving for you.

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Contact us today to learn more about all the different options you have for vehicle wraps!

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