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A candy shop is a great place to be creative with your graphics. We love working with See’s Candies to make their stores, pop-up shops, and military outposts look amazing all year long. With over 200 locations, See’s Candies needs both long term and short term graphics. Long term graphics bring branding and visual appeal to the stores, while short term graphics are meant for promotions and sales. Today we’re highlighting some of our latest projects we’ve been working on with See’s Candies.


Backlit signs printed on a DuraTrans material are easy to change out, making them an excellent option for promotional displays. After the promotion is over, just pop the graphic out and install a new one- it’s that quick and easy.















When stores are being remodeled or are under construction, adding graphics to windows is a great way to cover up the mess and to let future customers know that your store will be opening soon. Our professional installers perform site surveys for the See’s Candies team to determine the best window solutions for each location, and come up with new and creative ways to “spruce up” their stores.  















Window graphics are a fast, cost-effective way to change the look of a space.  Installing vinyl on store windows adds architectural elements at a much lower price than replacing doors and windows. We added See’s branded black and white striping to the interior of the lower windows with double-sided cut vinyl. This vinyl blocks out visibility and adds a huge amount of visual interest to an otherwise boring window.















Rather than replace an entire door-which can be a huge hit to your budget, our team came up with the idea of installing a lattice element using cut vinyl on the interior of the door. This lattice design creates a more inviting atmosphere and is a creative way to add architectural elements for a fraction of the cost of a custom door.



























Large scale wall graphics are a sure way to catch your customer’s attention- especially with images of delicious chocolates. The detailed graphics in this See’s store run from the floor to the ceiling. Because this is a higher traffic area, the See’s creative team was worried that the graphics where customers order chocolates and could get dirty fairly easily with fingerprints, but laminate is a great solution. We used 3M 180c with a lustre laminate to get a clear image that would be super durable and easy to clean in this high traffic area.



























Banners are another way to add to the look of your store for both long term branding and short term promotions. See’s Candies typically uses a double-sided banner material with a pole pocket at the top to hang these banners all around their stores.














We enjoy working with See’s Candies producing high-quality graphic solutions for their stores all around the country. With Valentine’s right around the corner, make sure and stop by your local See’s Candies and pick up some of their delicious chocolates for your loved ones and check out the new graphics while you’re at it.


Do you want to dress up a plain boring door or window with some new architectural elements? Email an account manager today to get started on your next project.


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