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Offices can sometimes have a sterile feeling that isn’t exactly uplifting. Adding graphics, whether it’s a mural, a framed piece, or adhesive vinyl, can inspire and add a lot of personalization to an office space. We worked with DigiLens to add color and interest to their plain office walls and windows.

This graphic, printed on 3M180c, shows off the DigiLens logo and provides some eye-catching color to the entrance of their offices.

This window graphic, on 3M IJ8150 Clear Vinyl, uses the windows as a backdrop and even provides a little bit of privacy without completely taking from the open-air feeling. The look ties in well with the logo wall and is a fun way to make all the graphics work together cohesively.

As a little bonus, the graphic looks just as great when the blinds are closed, showing vivid color and sharpness. We loved working on this creative project with DigiLens. Would this type of wall or window treatment look good in your office space? Email an account manager to chat about your options.

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